HPC Servers

A revolution in process and performance. Ready to use hardware that provides high performance computing power. *Also available as Cloud Subscriptions

A.D.A.M Supercomputer

We built and assembled our own GPU-based supercomputer to accelerate genomic data processing, rendering, deep learning and artificial intelligence, finance, scientific and engineering simulators; all in one platform.

A.D.A.M, is the fastest supercomputer in Southeast Asia, being the only ASEAN entry amongst the other 151 supercomputers ranked in the HPCG*

T-Maria I

Equipped with 14-Core Intel® Core i9, 4x NVIDIA TITAN V and 64GB of RAM. Our most powerful configuration available.

From $100/month (Cloud)

T-Maria II

Equipped with 14-Core Intel® Core i9, 3x NVIDIA TITAN V and 64GB of RAM. Intermediate configuration.

From $100/month (Cloud)

T-Maria III

Equipped with 6-Core Intel® Core i7, 3x NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti and 128GB of RAM. Basic, but still powerful enough to fulfills your needs.

From $100/month (Cloud)

Accelerate your peformance

We are utilizing high-end graphics processing unit (Up to 4x NVIDIA Tittan V) both for complex scientific computation and artificial intelligence

Fastest network connection

We are implementing highest-possible bandwidth to cater intensive computation processes that involves big and huge amount of data, connected effortlessly between the servers.

Top of the class performance

  • 59.6
    teraflops single-precision
    teraflops double-precision
    teraflops half-precision
  • 44.7
    teraflops single-precision
    teraflops double-precision
    teraflops half-precision
  • 34.02
    teraflops single-precision
    teraflops double-precision
    teraflops half-precision

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